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Clothing should move, have textural interest and attitude. Being a dancer, I have designed with just that in mind. How the fabric moves with the body. How it can take on a life of it's own, have a voice that says "I'm here watch me, I'm sophisticated with a Bad Ass Attitude!"

These styles are not limited to dancewear, Imagine stepping out for an evening in your favorite clubs, You look Sophisticated, you demand attention & You are BadAss enough to demand respect, With confidence, you will own any room you walk into.

Now, Imagine taking it to school, you are Sophisticated enough to carry your attitude in a quiet style. You inspire envy, they want to be the woman you are, confident, you speak by example, to be the woman they all wish to be . . . that is OK, because you are Awesome.

Being BadAss is not a Bad thing, it means you have the confidence and self assurance to stand up for what you believe in and stick to your convictions. While doing so you should remain Sophisticated, keep your honor high, respect everyone else as you want them to respect you.

We want you to look awesome, demand the same attention as if yelling "Look at me" while keeping a calm demeanor and not having to yell at all .....

Then and Only then, can You be a BadAss Sophisticate .....

You too can look this good . . .


Bad Attitude, Demeanor & Sexy Sophistication



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Hope You like what you see . . . .

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